How To Unlock New Audiences For Your App

How To Unlock New Audiences For Your App

The global app market generated revenues to the tune of $33.9 billion in the first quarter of 2023. Such a bounce back from the lull in 2022 indicates that mobile apps are reclaiming their share of consumer spending.

As a result, businesses are developing, improving, and launching dedicated apps to penetrate a larger consumer base. However, marketing to the right app audience is the key to achieving successful business outcomes. In other words, you need a streamlined app marketing strategy to convert one-time users into long term customers.

Read on to learn how to make your app a user magnet.

Here’s How To Attract Audiences To Your App

Here’s a detailed look at the actionable strategies to increase your app audience base.

#1 Create App User Personas

A persona is a fictitious representation of the ideal app user. Building personas allows you to market to the right target audience – users who truly need your app and will use it to the fullest.

Naturally, the objective would be to attract such audiences for the long-term growth and sustainability of your app.

Interestingly, you don’t have to look far and wide to find data sets to create personas. Your existing customer base can shed sufficient insights to build user personas.

All you need to do is identify the best and most loyal users and identify commonalities within such user cohorts. You may even consider conducting surveys and capturing feedback to better understand what makes them stick.

#2 Conduct Market Research

User personas act as the baseline of the type of audiences you should seek out for your app. So, once you’ve developed that, you can commence sifting through the vast sea of users to zero down on the ones that matter.

Carry out cross-sectional market research to understand app viability, associated pain points, app user preferences, and other specifics that govern how you will market to the target audience.

Viewing audiences through a focused lens would help you better align strategies with the needs and wants of your target demographics for maximum efficiency.

#3 Perform Competitor Analysis

Unless your app is highly topical and one-if-its-kind, you will face some competition. Competitor analysis is an excellent technique to turn rivalry into opportunity.

Take stock of all your existing and potential competition based on the app’s niche, features and functionalities, target audience, and keywords. Then, shortlist the star performers using the app’s store ranking. After all, you would want to follow the route of the best.

Finally, carry out a comprehensive competitor analysis using a matrix to compare parameters like app description, screenshots, USPs, feature sets, user reviews, and every other publicly available data. Compare how these factors fare for your app and how you can improve it or market it better.

#4 Select The Right Channels

Until this point, you’ve laid the groundwork for marketing your app to the right audiences. You know the target audience, their preferences, and what they will like about your app. Now is when you put all that information together to curate an effective outreach strategy.

While conducting market research or building a user persona, you would have identified the various channels suited for your target audience – social media, search engines, other apps, etc.

It would also hint at the appropriate marketing strategy, say, word-of-mouth or influencer marketing, in-app ads, content marketing, paid online marketing, and more. Simply use these findings as inspiration to select the right app marketing channels and tactics.

#5 Conduct A/B Tests

Once you’ve carefully identified your preferred target audiences, it’s a strategic move to assess the return on investment (ROI) generated by these chosen groups. To gain deeper insights and maximise your marketing effectiveness, conduct A/B tests by comparing the performance of your selected audience segments against a test group featuring diverse customer profiles. 

By doing so, you can optimise various aspects of your marketing strategy, including boosting brand awareness, increasing user engagement, and enhancing customer acquisition. Ultimately, this data-driven approach will lead to an overall improvement in your marketing ROI.  

Key Takeaways

The following effective low-cost strategies will help you get to the right app audience:

  • Build app user personas to fine-tune the marketing strategy for your target audience using your existing user base.
  • Perform market research to identify new user segments, along with their details.
  • Carry out competitor analysis to template success from established players.
  • Identify the right app marketing channels and strategies to connect with the target audience.
  • A/B Test your chosen audience groups versus test groups to optimise towards best performing ones.

Of course, this is not a be-all and end-all list of the strategies involved. You will also have to resort to paid advertising to gain more traction. Further, industry-specific trends or customer expectations can also change the course of your marketing campaign. Regardless, these pointers will help you get started by laying a solid foundation for the subsequent strategies.

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