Webinar: Inside TikTok

Why a performance strategy is key to driving success on TikTok

TikTok has seen almost unprecedented growth in the last two years, with eight new users joining every second and an average of 650,000 new users joining daily. Tapping into this audience has quickly become a key objective for brands, but are they turning that attention into customers? With advertising spend on TikTok looking to surpass Youtube by 2024, now is the time to learn how to spend that investment in the most efficient way possible.

In our latest webinar, we are joined by Joel Williams from TikTok to discuss the latest developments in the TikTok landscape and how its eCommerce capabilities are making it an even more attractive platform for brands to be investing in. Our Head of Search & Social, Kevin Chase, hosted the session, taking you through everything you need to know about running an effective performance campaign on TikTok.

What Will
You Learn?

How the TikTok landscape is evolving, from the type of content, demographics, and global impact. We'll explore why this is a growth opportunity and how to tap into these audiences.

What are the latest updates in TikTok's advertising capabilities and the impact that will have on the consumer journey.

What you need to know about balancing a brand awareness strategy with an effective performance campaign to ensure bottom of the line results.