Webinar: Understanding the performance possibilities of e-commerce

In partnership with Skai

The pandemic drove rapid changes in digital behaviour, one major change being online channels becoming more popular for shopping. Pair this with improved user experience and advancements in ad formats, the eCommerce space has become an increasingly important opportunity for brands. Between social commerce, retail media, and quick commerce, the advertising opportunities are creating a complex ecosystem, one that will become more difficult to navigate.

In this session, we will explain the expanding space and evaluate the best solutions for eCommerce brands. We’ll be discussing how we expect the landscape to evolve and how to continue delivering successful campaigns in the face of data deprecation and the push for privacy.

We’ll be covering:

  • What has changed the eCommerce space and what opportunities this presents
  • How to shift your strategy as tracking and targeting change
  • What you need to know about retailers acting as media channels
  • How to develop a full-funnel media strategy to deliver results throughout the user journey

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What Will
You Learn?

How the e-commerce market has fluctuated post-pandemic and how brands are operating in this changing space

In what ways has the e-commerce space evolved in recent years and how to make the most of this new ecosystem

What performance levers you can take advantage of to best optimise your campaigns