Webinar: Inside The Cookieless Future

How to continue delivering performance in a cookieless world

By the end of 2023, Google will be deprecating the 3rd party cookie from chrome, following other tech platforms in ushering in the privacy-first era. Following on from the removal of IDFA and GDPR, the end of cookies will change the way marketers are able to understand, reach, and engage their customers. This shift in relationship with personal data is going to mean an industry wide reset on how we market to the modern consumer.

In our latest webinar, we’ve partnered with The Trade Desk to take a look into the end of cookies – why it’s happening, what this means for marketers, and how you can continue delivering performance in this new data environment. We get into the depths of what it will look like from a campaign level as well as exploring the solutions available for marketers.

Make sure to watch back now.

What Will
You Learn?

What are some of the larger industry trends driving the desire for privacy in the tech space and how this is impacting marketers

The reality of what data will look like following the end of cookies in 2023 and how this will impact campaigns

Solutions you can begin to utilise to prepare you for the shift in tracking and measurement ensuring future success