Webinar: M&C Saatchi Performance’s Charity Pub Quiz

In our latest charity event, the bright minds of M&C Saatchi Performance gathered together for the mental decathlon of the year, our very own pub quiz. Alongside ten teams from the agency, we had five teams from our suppliers joining us for the evening to test knowledge and teamwork. The competition was in aid of the Marine Conservation Society, a charity voted for by our team to focus our fundraising efforts. Together we helped to raise over £1600!

After weeks of preparation, late night study sessions, and practice questions, the office had never been more ready to test their intellect. Sporting two bright sequin jackets, the night was kicked off by our very own quiz masters James Shepherd, Managing Partner – Growth, and Alex Hewson, Managing Partner – Media. The masters of ceremonies encouraged the participants to take their seats and the quiz began.

With general knowledge questions stretching from film to literature, to Instagram filters, all had their wits tested. Between accusations of cheating and answers being whispered in hushed tones, we made it through the first round. As the answers came in, there were groans at obvious errors and gasps at the revelations at whether a quote came from Justin Bieber or Gandhi. The music round brought about more chaos, as we identified songs from the last 50 years.

Next came the interactive round. Each team nominated/coerced a sacrificial lamb to compete, lining up at the front of the room. Their task? To get an After Eight chocolate from their forehead to their mouth without the use of their hands. With four points up for grabs, it was make or break for several teams in the hunt for top honours. As the game begun, chocolate slid, fell, flew, and in some cases stuck firmly to foreheads under the heat of the lights, as the contenders desperately tried to guide them to victory. Within seconds we had a winner. Triumphant Trading Director, Chris Mumford, stood arms aloft, chocolate in mouth. Second and third place came soon after with others left with melted chocolate covering their face in defeat. When calm was restored, it was revealed the quiz winning move was not all it seemed.  A VAR review, including multiple angles, found the scandalous truth that Chris Mumford had, unashamedly, used his hands to direct the chocolate into his mouth.

Once the uproar had subsided, the true winners were determined, and the points allocated appropriately. Our two sparkly hosts then revealed the final results to many cries and cheers. Three teams from M&C Saatchi Performance tied for second. A tiebreaker question was required to break the deadlock. The question “in 2017 how many children were named ‘Cheese’”? Guesses flew from two to forty but “I can’t say, it’s too rude” chose closest to the correct answer of nine and took second place! Flying well above this internal battle was Spiceworks with a well-earned first place. Congratulations to our winners!

Thank you to everyone who took part and we hope to see you all back again next year for more quiz frivolity.

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