Webinar: Kabeer Chaudhary joins Apptivate Podcast by Remerge

Kabeer Chaudhary joins Apptivate Podcast by Remerge

If you’re curious about how mobile marketing compares in markets across the Asia Pacific region, this podcast is for you!

Our Managing Partner APAC, Kabeer Chaudhary joined the latest Apptivate episode by Remerge to share an overview of what’s unique and what’s universal about mobile marketing in APAC.

Are you all set? Listen to the podcast below!



“That’s the great thing about APAC – because if you work in APAC, you can work across India, you work across Southeast Asia where there are more countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines, where people speak indigenous languages and have indigenous cultures; and you’ll be working with people from those markets and collaborating with them. So, it’s quite a melting pot.”

Kabeer Chaudhary, Managing Partner APAC

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