Webinar: A Marketer’s Guide on How to Respond to IDFA

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Tuesday 20th April 2021
12:00:00, Zoom


IDFA has been on the verge of transforming the digital media landscape, and it’s now time to see its true impact realised. With Apple likely to launch its changes to IDFA in the next few weeks, marketers need to be prepared for what restrictions will be implemented and how it will affect campaigns.

In a one-hour special, our team of experts will be delivering a webinar on what IDFA will really look like for marketers, and how they are going to need to adapt their strategy. Hosted by our COO, Dan Rosen, our team will be taking you through:

  • Why Apple are implementing the deprecation of IDFA
  • What the changes mean for the future of the digital advertising industry
  • What some of the restrictions are and how they will impact campaigns
  • How you can continue to deliver effective digital strategies

Dan will be joined by Micarla Joseph, Director – Buying, Naomi Young, Senior Account Manager, and Josh Kirby, Senior Programmatic Manager, providing you with a holistic view of the impact of IDFA on your marketing activity.

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