Webinar: A Marketer’s Guide on How to Respond to IDFA

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Just as Apple announced their App Tracking Transparency feature and the end of IDFA, our team were hosting a webinar to explain the impact this would have on digital advertising. Explaining why it’s happening and what it means for digital campaigns, our experts presented an in-depth study into the impact of the changes from Apple which you can watch now.

In this one-hour special, you’ll learn what ATT will really look like for marketers, and how they are going to need to adapt their strategy. Hosted by our COO, Dan Rosen, our team went through:

  • Why Apple are implementing the deprecation of IDFA
  • What the changes mean for the future of the digital advertising industry
  • What some of the restrictions are and how they will impact campaigns
  • How you can continue to deliver effective digital strategies

Dan was joined by Micarla Joseph, Director – Buying, Naomi Young, Senior Account Manager, and Josh Kirby, Senior Programmatic Manager, presenting a holistic view of the impact of ATT on your marketing activity.

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What Will
You Learn?

You'll learn why Apple has decided to make changes to its tracking capabilities and what lasting impact it will have on the digital marketing industry.

We'll be explaining what the restrictions will look like on your marketing campaigns, with everything from creative test limits to view through windows.

Our team will take you through best-in-class solutions to adjust your marketing campaigns to harness contextual advertising to continue delivering impressive results.