Case Study: Driving website conversions for ASICS







Brand: ASICS

Market: Singapore

Channels used: Programmatic, Social Channels, SEM


ASICS is a Japanese brand born in 1950 that specialises in designing and manufacturing sports equipment and footwear for a variety of athletic activities. ASICS, which stands for “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” or a Sound Mind in a Sound Body, has always believed in the positive benefits of movement on the body and mind.

Objective: increase sales via the ASICS website

ASICS’ users can purchase their favourite ASICS products offline, at retailers, and online on the ASICS website or across the most popular ecommerce platforms. ASICS wanted to increase sales in Singapore via their website. 


Buying through eCommerce platforms is often more convenient than buying through brands’ websites or stores. This is because ecommerce platforms have lower overhead costs, which enable them to offer convenient deals. How could we lead users to purchase their favourite ASICS products directly through the ASICS website?


Selling thousands of brands on their platforms makes it impossible for eCommerce sites to keep up with the many features which make each product unique. Brands instead know their products and customer types inside out.

#1 We built a more meaningful customer centric strategy by leveraging all the intention signs of users on the ASICS’ website

To do that, we leveraged:

Criteo’s Retargeting Technology: which enabled us, by relying on the accuracy of programmatic advertising, to serve personalised online display advertisements to consumers who had previously visited the ASICS website.

Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads: which enabled us to capture the intent signals that customers showed on ASICS’ website and use them for targeting across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

Google Discovery: which enabled us to serve ads on the Discover Feed that appears on the home page of Google’s iOS and Android app of our audiences based on their activity on the ASICS’ website.

#2 We ensured a more seamless shopping experience by reminding users about their favourite products and simplifying the purchase process

To create a seamless shopping experience for ASICS customers, we leveraged:

Facebook Collection Ads: which enabled us to move ASICS’ customers from discovery to purchase in a smooth and immersive way.

Google Performance Max: which enabled us to promote ASICS’ online product inventory, boosting traffic to their website, and finding better qualified leads.

Search Engine Marketing: which enabled us to reach users that were already deep in their consideration funnel by targeting them with ads that spoke directly to their favourite ASICS products.


The campaign was testament to the impact that a customised strategy can have on a brand’s sales.

By adopting a very specific retargeting strategy, we were able to serve highly personalised ads to ASICS’ audiences creating a more impactful customer experience and a more seamless user journey.

ASICS website visitors grew by 31% YoY and its revenues increased by 7% YoY. The average order value on the ASICS website grew by 11% YoY, indicating how more relevant products were shown to users.

A few words from ASICS

“I am thrilled with the outcome of the campaign, which not only boosted sales through our website but also provided our customers with a seamless shopping experience that surpassed any other ecommerce platform. By utilising Google and Facebook channels, we were able to effectively target sport enthusiasts in Singapore, and the addition of retargeting via Criteo took our campaign to the next level.”

Gabriel Yap

Regional Marketing Director At ASICS

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