Report: Tracing The Growth & Potential Of Shoppertainment

How to unlock performance through entertainment in your online retail experience

These are exciting times for online retailers as customers are getting more comfortable than ever before in making online purchases. However, the challenge for marketers today is to cut through the noise and speak to consumers in a way that works for them.

As attention becomes a priority, we look into the potential of ‘Shoppertainment’ (Shopping + Entertainment) as a potential solution for marketers to produce relevant and engaging content that delivers results.  Shoppertainment brings together commerce + content + community. This “content-driven” commerce is focused around first entertaining users in order to catch their attention, and then lead them towards highly immersive shopping experiences. It includes everything from AR, to live commerce feeds, gamified experiences, and influencer-led micro communities.

In this report, we share a global perspective on the reason why shoppertainment is gaining attention for brands and the best ways to integrate it into an effective performance marketing strategy. The in-depth report will cover:

  • What defines a ‘shoppertainment’ campaign with examples of how it can deliver success
  • A breakdown of key global markets and their changing relationship with the shoppable media space
  • Factors driving interest in shoppertainment: shifting user behaviour, new ad formats, and digital channels primed for shoppertainment campaigns
  • How you can harness the best features of shoppertainment to make a performance-driven ecommerce campaign

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Learn about what is shoppertainment, what a successful shoppertainment campaign looks like, and the target groups it resonates the most with.

A perspective on why you should focus on Shoppertainment now and how it has driven unparalleled growth around the world.

Dive into new shoppertainment formats, the various channels primed for shoppertainment, and how to integrate shoppertainment into your strategy.

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