Report: What TikTok users want. The essential guide for performance marketers

A survey examining what TikTok users want

TikTok arrived on the scene just a few years ago and has shaken the performance media landscape. Over two billion downloads and one billion active users later, TikTok’s content-sharing and delivery platform continues to connect people worldwide. It’s a place to make each other laugh, dance to a new tune, learn something new, and discover the hottest trends and places to explore. 

We surveyed 1,000 TikTok users throughout the United States to find out what they want, and are using TikTok for. This report is a snapshot of how users engage with the platform, with findings on how people use TikTok for discovering new things, ad stickiness, purchase intent, and news consumption.

The findings from this report will help marketers better understand the users’ habits on the platform to hone their campaigns.

Key areas the report covers are:

  • TikTok and ad engagement, 92% of TikTok users say they’ve purchased something they saw promoted on TikTok or are willing to do so.
  • TikTok for discovery, over half of TikTok users say they favor the platform over all others for discovery
  • TikTok as a news source, TikTok is viewed as a primary news source for many, and most users trust what they see.

If you are a marketer wanting to find out about how to harness the power of TikTok, or are already using the platform we hope you find this report useful.

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TikTok users are anything but casual. 56% of users say they’re on the platform at least once per day.

According to the report, 92% of TikTok users say they’ve either made a purchase based on an advertisement they saw on TikTok, via a TikTok ad or are willing to do so.

The report showed that more than half of TikTok users say they favor the platform over others for discovery.

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