Report: Why a Cookieless Future Could Be The Fresh Start Digital Advertising Needs

Learn how you can respond to the end of cookies

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At the end of 2023, Google will end its tracking cookies and change the way advertisers understand the performance of their digital campaigns forever. As we are ushered into this  ‘privacy-first’ era, marketers are left wondering how they are going to grow in this new environment. As the ability to use the tools and strategies that advertisers had relied on for the last decade is made considerably more challenging, many are thinking the worst.

However, despite the ongoing challenges and fear of the unknown regarding the future of this cookieless world, solutions and even opportunities will arise.  Whilst 70% of marketers have feared that they don’t have the resources to successfully meet the changes, 52% of customers revealed they do want a targeted experience, as the modern consumer continues to grow in awareness that they are the owners of their data and who their data is being shared with.

In our latest report, we look at the challenges currently facing the modern marketer with the impending end of cookies and how brands can effectively navigate through these obstacles and continue to deliver success.