Report: Social Media & Influencer Trends for Performance Marketers

Social Media & Influencer Trends

The digital landscape can change in the blink of an eye. Social media platforms are arguably some of the most rapidly changing elements of the digital landscape as customer behaviors adapt, new platforms launch or technologies are developed. We’ve put together a short paper outlining some of the key trends that may surface over the course of 2023 for performance marketers working on social channels.

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Authenticity is essential There is a new generation of storytellers in existence and their audiences demand authenticity.

In 2023 US social commerce sales could rise by as much as 22% to over $56 billion as social media channels enable audiences to discover and purchase products.

From subreddits to micro-influencers there is a niche community out there for everyone which may be useful for brands.

TikTok Live is likely to increase significantly in 2023, with broader adoption of live streaming across social platforms also growing. Think QVC for a new generation.

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