Report: MENA’s FinTech Trends & Audiences

A look into growth opportunities for marketers

The growth potential in MENA’s fintech category remains abundant. By 2023, digital payments in the region are poised to far exceed cash transactions accounting for 69% of total payment transactions.

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt represent the mature fintech nations with a high proportion of finance app downloads while nascent markets such as Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen are rapidly growing and noting 100%+ new fintech user growth. The emergence of these markets offer robust potential to expand offerings to these nations and tap into new consumer bases.

In this report we analyze key market trends and deepdive into 3 audience segments: High Net Worth Individuals, Underbanked Audience, Unbanked Audience.


Learn what's driving MENA's fintech growth, its challenges and opportunities

Discover main differences among MENA's countries and key market trends

Adapt your strategy based on audience insights across 3 main segments

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