Report: Report: iOS 15 impact on the App Store

Find out how iOS 15 will impact the app store

iOS 15 will include updates to the App Store that are going to have a significant impact on the App Store. The announcement from Apple at WWDC has the potential to be the biggest change to the App Store for many years. The changes include:

  • Product Page Optimization (PPO), expected later in 2021
  • Custom Product Pages (CPP), expected later this year/early 2022
  • In-app events, expected later in 2021

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Developers will be able to A/B test up to 3 variants on a default app store page rather than relying on 3rd party tools.

iOS 15 brings with it the most significant change to the Apple App Store since its launch, with the potential to revolutionize mobile app growth.

There will now be up to 35 different Custom Product pages (per localization) available for marketers to showcase products.

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