Wellcome Trust run brain experiments

The smartphone revolution is constantly delivering new and exciting tools across the spectrum of human experience, and we’re only at the beginning of a long journey. So we’re always excited to see institutions better come to terms with the benefits and potential that mobile offers them.

Most recently, the Wellcome Trust impressed us with the launch of their Great Brain Experiment. Neurologists have taken experiments beyond the lab by releasing an app which is designed to carry out various tests on our brains while we innocently play games. According to the lead scientist, “each game looks at a different aspect of brain function: how good we are at stopping ourselves from doing something, how good our short term memory is, how quickly we can take in visual objects, whether we prefer to take risks or stay safe, and how these choices affect our happiness.” At the end of a game, users are able to see how their own brain compares to others.

Part of Brain Awareness Week, the app will contribute to understanding the part of our bodies we know least about. And be it through scientific experiments, or health apps, our mobile phones will play a crucial role in the future of human health discoveries.