VW Pull Together Great Online Gamble

We’re looking forward to a new campaign due to start this coming week, from VolksWagen. The Bug Run.

It’s a real bug run. Thirty-two live beetles are to be raced against one another, on a specially designed course. They’re technically therefore athletes, and as such their vital statistics and ‘personality’ will be detailed on the site. But that’s not all. This campaign takes on a brilliant angle, in that users are encouraged to bet on their favourite beetle, through the heats and into the final. That’s real cash bets, by the way, facilitated by an online bookie. And that adds a great dynamic to the concept!

Contagious point out that what could have been a smart PR stunt has been nicely augmented by an online interactive platform. We agree. And all the while, the platform will encourage participants to grab a test drive. Good fun.