Video Chatting Keeps On Growing

It’s all getting quite congested in the realms of video chatting. Google have their ‘Hangouts’, Apple have ‘FaceTime‘, Facebook have teamed with Skype and have Facebook Chat.

But none of those major players have discouraged new players entering the market. A Facebook chatting app called ‘Rounds’ has over 650k Likes on Facebook alone. And the newest kid on the block is ‘Airtime’, backed by the infamous Sean Parker, of Napster & Facebook fame. Its ambition is to connect strangers to one another, on the basis of their mutual Facebook likes and interests. It seeks to rekindle the spontaneity that chat rooms had in their earliest days.

Why the heat? Skype say that in 2012 Q1 alone, there were 50 Billion minutes spent on its video call service. That, is staggering. It’s a medium ripe for some seriously cool creative brand work.