Trigger Happy App

The world of computing, for all its complexity, often follows a simple rule: triggers provoke actions. It’s probably best encapsulated by the eponymous website, “if this, then that“, a site which allows users to create simple rules to synchronise their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Blogs and other accounts. For example, “if i upload an image to Instagram, add it to my Dropbox”. [Play]

Now, a great new mobile app on iOS called Triggers, allows us average folk to start getting playful & creative and explore just what a smartphone can do. Smartphones are packed with clever sensors and useful tools, there to be utilised for pretty much anything. Triggers allows us to create basic rules like, “if the light falls below X level, turn on the flashlight” or, “if the sound gets louder than X, send me an email”. [Watch].

Now, we’re not suggesting that this app will solve all life’s problems – but we think it’s just the kind of thing that allows non-coders to really get creative, and understand just what is possible with smartphones. Go forth, download, and experiment!