Toyota Demonstrates Its IQ

Apple don’t like Google Maps, not only because it’s brilliant but because it costs them cash. That’s why Apple are readying their own Maps, soon to replace Google across its iProducts: [take a peek].

Awesome as Google Maps Street View is, it’s not complete. And that’s where Toyota Belgium have spotted a great opportunity to demonstrate their nimble iQ auto. Happy to go where no Google car has been before, Toyota have established iQ Street View. It even rhymes. It’s a simple concept: Belgians tag streets that are missing from Street View (often because they were too small to access) and Toyota sends out the iQ on a mission to film & add it to Google Maps via their site. It doubles as a brilliant way to target the very folk who may well desire a smaller machine. [Watch].

It’s a fantastic idea, and a great example of just how good Google products are to work with. Sometimes it’s not an innovation that creates waves, but just a tweak. The humble tweak can make a world of difference. Apple will be hoping the same is true for their Maps…