The Wrapp app

We’ve been waiting to talk about Wrapp for a few weeks since it launched in the UK. It’s a new smartphone and Facebook app, which hopes to transform the lucrative and as yet, mostly untapped fields of social gifting.

The app is super-simple. It performs a scan of users’ Facebook friends, identifying upcoming birthdays. Once a lucky recipient is selected, the app presents a variety of potential gifts. And this is where it’s really clever. Many of the first selection of gifts carry a monetary value, but are ‘free’ to gift. They range from things like, £3 off at Pizza Express or Warehouse, to £20 at Rosetta Stone.

And thereafter, there are a wide variety of gifts that can be bought. Things like, £10/£20 theatre tickets redeemable in Leicester Square, or cash vouchers of any denomination, at Karen Millen. So there is plenty of room for brand partnerships. [Watch].

In the same week that Mr. Zuckerberg once again had his chequebook out, buying up a competitor app, Karma, one can’t help but feel a ratcheting of momentum for social gifting. It’s our app of the week. Download.