The Internet Of… Delivery Buttons

As people become accustomed to technology in all areas of life, more & more ambient technology will begin to surround us. It’s an anticipated phenomena often referred to as ‘the internet of things‘.

And brands are likely to be heavily involved in delivering the pieces of tech that do just this. Over in France, bottled water is an important part of life, and Evian have just launched a home delivery service, Chez Vous. To launch, they’ve developed ‘Smart Drop’,a WiFi connected digital fridge magnet, allowing people to make a simple order direct from their fridge door.

Evian are not alone. Over in Dubai, Red Tomato Pizza Co have just done something very similar for ordering takeaway.

Whether Red Tomato’s delivery vehicle is quite as charming as Evian’s is unlikely [Look], but what’s certain is, we’ll be seeing plenty more of these initiatives to come. Frictionless.