Burberry are not the only retail innovators to flex their muscles this week, with Tesco announcing major developments in their own take on the future of shopping.

In a reversal of Burberry’s approach, Tesco are acknowledging the pleasures of a physical supermarket trip – being able to wander up & down aisles and serendipitously happening upon new products – and trying to bring them online. They are getting very close. And because Tesco, like other leading retailers, make their API available to developers (meaning developers can play with their data), one company, Keytree have been busily building what this 3D store might look like, complete with Kinect motion sensing navigation. They’ve called it Store Trek, and this is their inspiring preview: [Watch].

With the proliferation of faster and better technology, including connected & 3D TVs, and quicker broadband, Tesco are shaping up to deliver some revolutions to the way we shop. And that will unleash an entirely new creative world.