Study: Advertisers to spend more money on ads for tablets than smartphones over Christmas

Ad agency M&C Saatchi Performance reveals that the global advertising spend on tablets will grow over the holiday season to the point where advertisers will be spending more on tablets than they do on smartphones.A new study from the firm reveals that the global advertising spend on tablets has on average yielded four times better conversion rates than mobile handsets over the last six months, and claims that spending on tablets will jump up by 25% over the Christmas period.

This rise, according to the company, will mark the first time tablet ad spending has eclipsed that of the smartphone.

M&C Saatchi also suggested that retailers tap into socio-demographic targeted ad campaigns and have tablet-optimized websites to take advantage of this great tablet advertising boom, but played down the immediate significance of exact location targeting (through geo-location).

The group did say however that location targeting could become more prominent on the rise of more ‘pocket friendly’ 7-inch tablets, like Apple’s forthcoming iPad Mini.

Tablet advertising was reckoned to have grown around 700% in 2011, and has continued that growth to the extent that Mojiva launched the first tablet-only mobile ad network to deal with tablet ads earlier in the week.

And while Google reported poor figures in its Q3 earnings call yesterday, the firm also noted that its mobile advertising run rate now stands at $8 billion, up from around $2.5 billion just last year.

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