With social, it’s all about reach, right? Getting the most followers, views, Likes etc? Everyone wants a bit of Gangnam Style Korean rap-dance – or at least piece of its mind-bogglingly successful 300m views… [Watch].

But there is one brand who may not be that impressed by those numbers: Grey Poupon, the purveyors of fine mustard. Indeed, they have been seeking to invert this framing of success with their recent Facebook campaign. Instead of fighting for Facebook ‘Likes’, they’re asking fans to complete an application to ‘become a member’. The Society of Good Taste will vet applicants based on how cultured they are; whether they make spelling mistakes on their profiles, what they read, watch etc. And they are very literally refusing access to people if they ‘don’t cut the mustard’! [Try it].

It is, of course, all a rather clever ruse in which they do hope to augment their brand followers, and it’s already working well – they’ve added thousands in the last few days. We think it’s great, we’re certain it won’t be the last campaign to champion exclusivity on social media. Top-drawer.