Performance Creative: Help Your Campaigns be a Cut Above the Rest

Performance Creative: Help Your Campaigns be a Cut Above the Rest

Not too long ago, it seems that campaign testing was reserved only for media teams, but the industry has undergone significant change in recent times. Compared to even last year, the amount of creative performance testing that brands request has skyrocketed, and for good reason. The most valuable advertising decisions are those made with concrete, results-driven information. Creative decisions are no different. When it comes to getting the most out of your ads, every aspect the process counts.

Test, Learn, Iterate and Test Again!

To create the most accurate view of what creative is achieving, variables must be isolated, different creative iterations formed, launched, and reviewed in consideration of set KPIs. In this way, it’s possible to see which ad format performs more favourably amongst target audiences, and importantly, which variable change is responsible for the overall conversion. When one aspect is settled, it is imperative to continue testing and learning with other part of the creative. The difference between copy that reads “Get a free book” versus “Take books everywhere” can be immense. Subtle but effective changes, discovered whilst testing, can have huge effects. Everything from headline, copy, tone, background color, on-screen positioning, UI, and more, can impact a customer’s journey and final decision.

No need to guess, it’s all in the data

Many brands are still not putting their creative assets through rigorous enough analysis. Without this testing, it is impossible to know why one ad is performing one way and a second is performing another way. Although the landscape is always changing, rapid shifts in consumer tastes and interests indicate that a data-first strategy is crucial for removing the guesswork. Data analysis can seem an arduous task but working with an effective partner will allow brands to cut through the noise, achieving competitive edge.

It’s no surprise that personalized ads are more effective – digging into the data can reveal audience preferences and make assumptions on future aspirations, allowing for more informed creative decisions.

To help your campaigns be a cut above the rest, consider these three crucial steps:

  • Identify and examine priority variables in your creative assets.
  • Test the success of one variable at a time – valuable results will only emerge when variables are tested in isolation.
  • Make iterations and apply learnings – obtaining data points is not enough. Test, learn, iterate (then test again).

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