Only Jeans Launch Ambitious Campaign

In a bid target female teens, Only, the jeans brand, have produced a super-cool, believable, and well executed campaign. It’s a game, an interactive, cinematic music video and they’re claiming it’s the ‘world’s first video on-demand retail environment’…

Built around a story of rebellion, the story follows three girls in their ‘quest for trouble’. Viewers click to pause the experience at any time revealing high-res freeze frames, where they can learn more about the items donned by the girls. The raft of social sharing options includes Pinning – and there is of course, the option to buy clothes. As the story progresses, viewers are even encouraged to ‘steal’ jeans which, if they’re lucky, they win in real life! A bit of [male] nakedness sweetens the deal, and at the end, MP3s can be downloaded, and a personalised story of users’ journey is formed, allowing more opportunity to interact. [Have a Play].

Triggered by a PR campaign, there were 280k views in a fortnight, and site traffic rose 400%. [Watch]. Nice work.