INSIDE TRENDS 2019: Hyperconnectivity amplifies data exchange

Inside Trends examines the five key trends affecting the digital marketing industry in 2019. We provide an insight on each trend from spokespeople across our agency globally.

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In discussion with Christian Gladwell, Global Managing Director

Hyperconnectivity is the sharp increase in the interconnectedness of people, organisations and objects resulting from the internet, mobile technology and the Internet of Things. Within two years there will be 31 billion internet-connected devices on the planet, meaning that by 2020 there will be 4 connected devices for every person.

Hyperconnectivity is supercharging the pace at which everything is done, from the way we engage with our friends and families, to revolutionising how we travel and work, to the way we shop. The impact of hyperconnectivity is one of immediacy, the consumer simply has less patience with the brand, product or service.

The best way to think about hyperconnectivity is through the lens of our relationship with heat. In a pre-hyperconnected world you had to go home in the middle of January to a cold house, turn on the thermostat and wait for the boiler to kick in. Now, through a hyperconnected smartphone, you can pre-programme your Nest app and walk into an optimal temperature. What underpins this change in our relationship with heat is the passage of clean actionable data as enabled by hyperconnectivity.

With 5G coming into play in 2019, the hyperconnected world will become increasingly linked as 5G provides the foundations for seamless data exchanges between devices, further expanding the network of ‘smart’ devices. Combine this with increasing advances in artificial intelligence means gadgets will become increasingly useful to the consumer.

The increase in connected devices is resulting in a multitude of data touchpoints for marketers to harness. As access to data increases, so does the opportunity for brands to leverage this, and marketers need to be ready to take advantage of this.

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