How to shape your Ramadan strategy in 2023

How to shape your Ramadan strategy in 2023

After a challenging few years, 2023 is bound to bring back spirited, passionate Ramadan celebrations as restrictions continue to ease, and life reverts back to pre-Covid normalcy in Indonesia.

Search trends indicate that searches for Ramadan-related keywords which historically have noted an uptick 1-2 months before Ramadan begins, have already begun to gain traction in January 2023 alone, showcasing that celebrations are on a head start this year. 

How should marketers plan their advertising pre, during and post Ramadan to ensure maximum campaign effectiveness? Check-out below some key suggestions and download our Ramadan report to get access to more insights.


2-3 weeks prior to the holy month, anticipation and elation begins to build up. Households are moving to prepare for the month by shopping for items ranging from decorations, to clothing, and even beauty. Content begins to pace too with households searching for traditional recipes to prepare, while the younger generations are exploring festive ideas and inspiration for the month ahead on social media. Spirituality at this point is beginning to deepen.


Spirituality peaks as the holy month begins. Excitement and buzz is at its highest. Hence content consumption and trends begin to shift based on the daily schedule of Indonesians, as they adapt to the timings of Sehri and Iftar. In the early hours of morning, families have Sehri together and spend time on music, books, and news as they prepare for the prayer call. Through noon and later afternoon, consumption of several modes of entertainment such as gaming, streaming, music, shopping, social media rises as users prepare for the evening prayer, followed by Iftar. Here, social media usage goes even higher as users create and share Iftar-worthy content and messages with their friends and families.


The final phase culminates with a spiritual renewal, along with a sense of togetherness and bonding with family and loved ones. At the centre of Eid-al-Fitr is sharing, gifting, and some much sought after travel as “Mudik” takes shape with Indonesians visiting their hometowns, while others plan for an extended vacation at different destinations to bond with families, and bid farewell to the holy month together.

This Ramadan will bring lots of marketing opportunities for Indonesian brands. 

With plenty of channels and placements to leverage on and an optimist Indonesian market, marketers should not miss out on the opportunity to reach their audience online.

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