Google’s Search and Insight Tools

We’ll overlook the most talked about Google story this week, the AR Glasses, because, well we spoke of them in issue 0018. But do check out this teaser: [Watch]. Instead here are two other developments that have caught our eyes:

Semantic search: Soon it seems, Google are to make a significant change to their search engine. Essentially aiming at a more human approach to ‘query and answer’, it will help to bridge the difference in the way we naturally ask Apple’s Siri questions, and how we ask search engines questions. That’s very significant. It would have interesting implications for brands’ search advertising and SEO. [Read NMA].

Brand Builder. It’s Google’s new ‘brand impressions’ tool, from their thinkinsights team. Just by typing in a brand’s name, it will compile a quick visual story from across Google’s portfolio. It’s not perhaps as broad as some of the tools we have at our disposal, but adds an intriguing layer of insight. [Try It]. Google has some other great real-time insight tools available too, they’re worth playing with: [Play]. Good to Know.