Dominoes leave us in a daze

There are times when you might feel that online pop culture is venturing down its own path of insanity – and you want to get off the ride. But relax. Free your mind. Take a leaf out of the book of the irrepressible Domino’s Japan President Scott K. Oelkers. He has broken free, in the name of entertainment. He doesn’t mind jumping into a spacesuit, when asked to. And in Domino’s latest campaign, he has shown he doesn’t mind referring to an anime girl as “cute” either. Heck, he’ll even encourage you to “have some fun with her”.

Teaming up with a digital character called Hatsune Miku, Domino’s have created a food ordering app which delivers more than just a pizza. For example, users can take pictures of themselves with Miku, and post her ‘glamourous’ images on social networks. And if you’re thinking, ‘why on earth would i want to do that’, well, clearly you need to soak up some of the enthusiasm from the man himself. Over to you Scott:

The Pièce de résistance; the pizza box doubles as an augmented reality stage, and users of the app will be treated to a bizarre rendition of a Domino’s-written anthem. Pizza-riffic.