Direct, Simple, Subtle: Smashing

Nothing is more refreshing than seeing ubiquitous, boring tech with seemingly no communication potential, fall victim to a little creative wit and get turned into something both engaging and exciting.

Every year hundreds of writers & thousands of visitors attend the Melbourne Writers Festival. While hugely popular, the festival has struggled to shake off a stuffy, literary image. The theme for the last festival was “stories unbound” and to subtly bring this to life they developed “Wi-Fiction” – a completely new medium for storytelling.

WiFi routers were hidden at the festival. Each WiFi network was given a name that formed one line of a story. When they popped up as available networks on festival goer’s mobile screens, the full story appeared.

Is this idea going to change the world? No. But what it elegantly demonstrates is that creative opportunities to bring ideas to life, and get them talked about, are lurking just about everywhere. Canny.