Space. It’s so hot right now. Red Bull have people jumping out of it, Lynx’ Academy wants to send people into it. And now, an ambitious crowdfunding campaign wants to let individuals be part of their own exciting mission into orbit.

It’s being called the most extreme do-it-yourself project in the world. In a move that might as well dismiss the humble crowd-sourcing of a skyscraper as just lazy, this ambitious project is using KickStarter to raise the funds (nearly half a million dollars so far) to send a capsule into space, and simultaneously make the point that space is no longer an exclusive club. The multifaceted mission includes the chance for adept individuals to program and send tiny satellites into orbit, to report back as they desire. Backers have so far happily reached into their pockets for the KickStarter upper $10k individual limit.

The sky is seemingly no longer the limit, for ambition nor reality. And we reckon that brands big and small have an opportunity to add something interesting to this project. Cosmic.