Brazilian Estate Agent Deploys FB

It’s important to remember that Facebook’s value to brands lies not only in branded pages or Facebook ads, but in understanding what value it brings to its own users. And that’s what we love about this shrewd idea from Carvalho Estate agents in Brazil.

Combatting the clichéd claim that homes are tailored to prospective buyers, Carvalho installed WiFi-linked digital photo frames, TVs and other screens throughout their apartments. When visitors reserved an appointment, they were asked to use their Facebook logins. Cleverly, this meant when visitors arrived, they could be greeted by their own photos and ‘Liked’ content, to help them feel just that bit more at home and visualise the space.

It helped push a conversion rate of 28%, three times higher than normal, and it drives to the heart of what Facebook is all about. People’s own worlds. Thumbs up for the research and strategy.