Webinar: How to balance paid & organic to drive downloads

Catch Up On Inside App Acquisition

The pandemic has rapidly increased digital adoption and made apps a critical point of connection between consumers and brands. With over 130 billion downloads of apps in 2020, having your app stand out is more competitive than ever before with digital marketing being the best way to get your key audience downloading.

From the app store to display ads, there are many ways to get your app seen, but which is the best? In our latest webinar, the team at M&C Saatchi Performance spoke alongside the Head of Marketing Insights from App Annie about the changing state of the app market and the best possible tactics to drive downloads.

The session covered:

  • Shifting consumer behaviour and the impact on engagement with apps
  • The position apps play in the relationship between consumers and brands
  • The impact your paid activity has on your organic activity
  • Best practice ASO strategies ahead of the iOS15 update

Watch today to hear our team of experts on the best ways to connect your consumers to your app.

What Will
You Learn?

How the app market is evolving as a result of the pandemic and how this has impacted the consumer's app usage

The most effective marketing strategies to drive downloads of your app in the most efficient way possible

What are the best tactics to make your app stand out in the app store particularly with the changes announced for iOS15