Case Study: Driving users for Skillz through Snapchat


Lower Cost Per Install


Million Impressions

Brand: Skillz

Market: US

Channels used: Snapchat


Skillz is a leading mobile games platform that enables developers to build franchises through social competitions in their games. Skillz hosts billions of casual esports tournaments for millions of mobile players worldwide, and distributes millions in prizes each month


Drive scalable user acquisition for Skillz through Snapchat


The iOS SKAdNetwork update limited the Snapchat data available. With a lower-funnel KPI and a target audience directly affected by this update, we needed to be able to look beyond Cost per Install to ensure we were continuing to meet client goals.


  • Due to the update and the limited data iOS would restrict, Snapchat moved to make data available to us in a privacy compliant way using mobile measurement partner Kochava.
  • Advanced Conversions within Kochava allowed us to make well-informed optimizations and move from a KPI of Cost per Install to a Lower Funnel KPI of users adding funds to enable them to play.
  • Targeting iOS users proved successful as they downloaded the app at a higher rate. Therefore, we continued to target this key audience through Snapchat layered with demographic, location and behavioural targeting using snap story and single video ads.
  • We ran a variety of different creative units on Snapchat including single ad videos and Snap Story ads.
  • Upon relaunch with advanced conversion metrics, we began optimizing towards the better units of single ad videos as they drove more conversions aligning with our goals.


  • Enabling Advanced Conversions gave us the ability to get closer to client goals and optimize down where possible.
  • We ultimately found that specific games and creatives drove more efficient conversions leading us to follow similar activations in other markets outside of the US.
  • The campaign was well received and garnered over 27.4 million impressions.
  • We were able to assist Skillz in lowering their cost per install by 45%.
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