MySpace, the former No.1 social network that suffered a torrid decline at the hands of Facebook, has been quietly undergoing something of a remake. Purchased by Justin Timberlake (amongst others), its fortunes are changing. In Jan 2012 alone, 1 million new users registered, taking the total to 25m active users. But in fact, there are 262 million ‘users’ if we include dormant accounts.

Understanding this potential, they’re are about to launch a major revamp. And our verdict: MySpace just got sleek. The new look reminds us of a cross between Facebook and perhaps Pinterest – but with the unmistakable MySpace theme of music running through. Indeed, it’s pretty much powered by music, encouraging a listen-while-you-surf mentality – be that surfing your mates’ pics with its stylish new approach to photos, or going on a music discovery bender. It’s also aiming to please artists by giving them easily accessible data on who’s listening to their tunes, where they are, the most influential fans and more. Check out the preview: [Watch].

We reckon it’s pretty exciting, and it’ll turn the heads of more than a few people. Some have even said it makes Facebook seem ‘clunky’. We’ll see! If you want to get on the early bandwagon, get on their invite list… [Here]. Intrigue.