Report: Inside The Resilient Consumer

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Who are Resilient Consumers? They are a unique and appealing audience for advertisers thanks to their positive growth mindset and willingness to invest time and money in self-improvement. 

We’ve conducted a study amongst American adults to help brands better understand who Resilient Consumers are, why they are an important audience and how marketers can reach them. We’ve dug into their attitudes and media habits, their desire to improve and grow, and importantly how brands can engage them across digital channels.

Download the full report below to find out:

✔️ A breakdown of the profile and behavior of Resilient Consumers.

✔️ How they coped with Covid-19 and the role of self-improvement in their life.

✔️ Where they spent time and money in 2020 and how that will change in 2021.

✔️ How marketers can reach them across digital channels.

✔️ How much they are willing to pay for online subscriptions and for what.